A bite from the bow ?

June 5, 2011

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There was some courage needed to cut a temporary hole in the bow. I decided to do that for an easier mounting of the bow pole bulkhead and the bow pole tube. And there is some more work to do inside this difficult to reach bow area. Click in the picture to open the bow pole photo gallery.

More updates and new photo’s in the sterntube and mainhull external laminate gallery.


Boatbuilding with the mind to infinity.

April 12, 2011

Before laying up the external laminate, various “small” other jobs has to be done. Every time it is amazing how a relatively small job takes much more time than expected. For example the beam recess on the outside of the beam bulkhead.

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For cutting this recess area to size and removing superfluous foam hull parts I needed all the cutting and sanding tools I have, jig saw, reciprocal saw, multicutter tool, dremel tool, powerfile, belt sander, angle grinder, powerplane and the handtools like chisels, grater, hammer, file, multiknife, sandpaper, etc. and this all within 5 square ft . The four beam recesses took me two days with a lot of itch (from the glass dust) as a result. Then some foam fill pieces, which took another whole day, one day for the UD reinforcements and another four (?!) days for rebating the foam and preparing the whole area for further laminations.  Everything is taking at least three times longer then expected …..

In the mean time I’m playing with the RTM-Worx software, on the one side to make the 3D model (that’s fun) and on the other hand filling the model with material qualities like resin viscosity and fabric permeability (that’s just a puzzle to translate in a lot of data)

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Port and Starboard are joined for ever.

January 3, 2011

Im my post of August 12 I announced the engagement of Port and Starboard main hull halves. This trial fit was necessary to get the beam bulkheads on the right place. Since then there was still a lot of work to do, especially in making and fitting the lower folding strut hull anchors which took a lot of time. Last holiday I carried out the last things before joining the halves, like designing and mounting the sterntube with skeg, but also the preparations for a second carbon chainplate in the bow area.  This is placed at the front of the anchor well and is intended for a heavy weather jib or storm jib. Since this is not a design feature, I’ve created my own solution.

Bow reinforcement for additional carbon chainplate. 

It was my goal to join the couple in matrimony before the end of my holiday, so today January 2 was a long day to get it done and it worked. Another milestone.

Joined for ever.

Under Construction ……

October 4, 2010

Most part of the building project is mainly a matter of forming foam into hulls, laminating (ok, better said infusing) and mounting bulkheads into position. It is like glueing a boat together, but not constructing something. However, mounting the beam bulkheads and lower hull strut anchors with the accompanying reinforcements is much different from that and gives me the feeling of a constructing work. On the down side, there are a lot of critical details in this area which need a meticulous way of working. And this takes time, lots of time, without seeing much progress …… But the end is in sight now. Click in the photo below for the latest details.

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A milestone, Starboard meets Port.

August 12, 2010

Both main hull halves are engaged today. After the beam bulkheads and the carbon bowsprit anchor are put down the wedding  follows and then they will be forever linked together.

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By the way, the previous photo gallery has been updated too.

Now the correct folding anchors installed.

August 4, 2010

Abrading solid glassfibres causes a lot of itch ….. but it is done now. It took three days (and four vacuum bags) to be able to mount the now correct lower folding strut anchor assemblies.

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In the mean time I also infused the aft cabin bulkhead. Not yet recovered from the shock of a few days ago, I forgot this time a brush that was trapped in the vacuum bag ……

“They” say that the epoxy fumes damage your brain. Would that be true ?

Carbon lower folding strut anchors.

July 28, 2010

When working on the starboard half I made all the carbon lower folding strut anchors, but not the complete anchor assembly for this port side. So, before putting in these carbon anchors, I first had to do some unfinished business on the carbon anchors. Cook them in the oven (this time not the one in the kitchen) and making the total anchor assembly.

Oversized lampholder

To speed up the curing (I want to do the lamination too today) the anchor assembly is being heated by a 1500W infra red lamp. Perhaps the standard that holds up the lamp is a bit oversized ….. Click in the photo to see the photo galery.

By the way, the infusion photo galery and infusion video in the previous posts has been updated too.

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