Boatbuilding with the mind to infinity.

Before laying up the external laminate, various “small” other jobs has to be done. Every time it is amazing how a relatively small job takes much more time than expected. For example the beam recess on the outside of the beam bulkhead.

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For cutting this recess area to size and removing superfluous foam hull parts I needed all the cutting and sanding tools I have, jig saw, reciprocal saw, multicutter tool, dremel tool, powerfile, belt sander, angle grinder, powerplane and the handtools like chisels, grater, hammer, file, multiknife, sandpaper, etc. and this all within 5 square ft . The four beam recesses took me two days with a lot of itch (from the glass dust) as a result. Then some foam fill pieces, which took another whole day, one day for the UD reinforcements and another four (?!) days for rebating the foam and preparing the whole area for further laminations. ¬†Everything is taking at least three times longer then expected …..

In the mean time I’m playing with the RTM-Worx software, on the one side to make the 3D model (that’s fun) and on the other hand filling the model with material qualities like resin viscosity and fabric permeability (that’s just a puzzle to translate in a lot of data)

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