Under Construction ……

Most part of the building project is mainly a matter of forming foam into hulls, laminating (ok, better said infusing) and mounting bulkheads into position. It is like glueing a boat together, but not constructing something. However, mounting the beam bulkheads and lower hull strut anchors with the accompanying reinforcements is much different from that and gives me the feeling of a constructing work. On the down side, there are a lot of critical details in this area which need a meticulous way of working. And this takes time, lots of time, without seeing much progress …… But the end is in sight now. Click in the photo below for the latest details.

Click for gallery


3 Responses to Under Construction ……

  1. herman says:

    En straks de witkwast erover, en dan zie je helemaal niets meer van je noeste arbeid…

    Ziet er goed uit, Henny!

  2. Jan W says:

    Is that so?
    Only some white paint over it or are you planning to make more work out of it?

    • Fram says:

      I’m planning to make more work out of it….. probably….. Anyhow, by that time she is in sailing condition. Promised my wife to finish the interior before go sailing but I’m afraid that will become some future winter work. I’ve been building too long now and priority is getting FRAM in sailing condition.

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