Port and Starboard are joined for ever.

Im my post of August 12 I announced the engagement of Port and Starboard main hull halves. This trial fit was necessary to get the beam bulkheads on the right place. Since then there was still a lot of work to do, especially in making and fitting the lower folding strut hull anchors which took a lot of time. Last holiday I carried out the last things before joining the halves, like designing and mounting the sterntube with skeg, but also the preparations for a second carbon chainplate in the bow area.  This is placed at the front of the anchor well and is intended for a heavy weather jib or storm jib. Since this is not a design feature, I’ve created my own solution.

Bow reinforcement for additional carbon chainplate. 

It was my goal to join the couple in matrimony before the end of my holiday, so today January 2 was a long day to get it done and it worked. Another milestone.

Joined for ever.


2 Responses to Port and Starboard are joined for ever.

  1. Jan W says:

    Great moment! This thing is looking huge you standing next to it.

  2. Bernhard says:

    everytime a pleasure to visit your website.

    have a fine time and have enough time for sailing.

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