Ian Farrier RIP

December 12, 2017

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Ian Farrier passed away in San Francisco on his way back from the USA yesterday. We are in deep shock as we come to terms with the huge loss of our captain, and our focus is on Ian’s immediate family and the Farrier Marine team.

Ian was a visionary, a multihull genius, an all-round nice guy who leaves behind a huge legacy to the sailing world.

Farrier Marine Limited is a strong business with a three year order book for the revolutionary F-22 sailboat. Despite dealing with our grief, it is very much ‘business as usual’ at the factory today. It is our job now to carry on the Farrier legacy and ensure his vision is carried out. – Rob Densem.


This is such a heartbreaking news. Although I never met Ian, he was always very generous with his time and always answered my questions that I shot his way about the construction of my F-39.

I felt as if Ian was a personal friend, he enriched my life as brilliant and as generous a man that I’ve ever known.

Thank you Ian for your great design and all you did for the future of performance sailing. Your legacy lives on in your timeless designs.

My deepest condolences to the Farrier family, the factory team at Farrier Marine, the F-boat sailors and all other who were in some way connected with Ian.


Wind forecast next week

July 31, 2015

From windyty.com, click in the image

Succes ! and here the second posting by email

July 30, 2015

Now that post by email was a succes. Send from an unkown email adress for WordPress I was curious about three things:

🙂 1. WordPress sends a notifying email but to which adress. It appears to be Fram’s email adress. That is good as I was afraid it was maybe going to the adress of the "post by email" adress. That is unwanted because of the extra data (and $) it will generate through the satelite connection.

🙂 2. The photo has been published too

🙂 3. The GPX file was not recognized and just ignored without influenze on the original post.

Glad that this setup will work.

I hope it will be possible to publish updates of our sailing trip back to the Netherlands from beginning next week, however, probably only in Dutch. I will do a translation later on, in the mean time please use Google translate.

And just for fun another recent photo of Noreen at the isle Flores, Azores.

Test by email posting

July 30, 2015

Next Saturday I fly to the Azores with a one-way ticket. The F36 "Noreen" and her crew is waiting for me in the harbour of Ponto Delgada to undertake a 1700nm sailing trip back home to the Netherlands. It would be nice to publish a daily report from aboard by satelite phone.

This is just a test to see how new postings generated by email will show on my blog.

Here is a photo of the F36 "Noreen" on the beach of Tresco Island. Another attachement to this post is a GPX file, just curious what WordPress will do with it.

Boat of missing Dutch sailor found, but no sign of skipper.

April 21, 2014

Sadly, there was no trace of 70 year old Sietse Hagen.

A Dutch ship en-route from Savannah (United States) to Agadir (Morocco) found Sietse’s yacht on Monday 7 April, approx. 2000 kilometers from the Moroccan coast .

The crew of the ship tried to get in contact with the yacht, but there was no response. When the ship’s crew went on board the yacht, no one was present. However, the documents of Mr. Hagen where found.

According to the captain of the Dutch ship, the yacht was heavily damaged. After taking all the documents and valuables aboard, the captain decided to sink the yacht for safety.

Mr. Hagen is internationally identified as missing.

Dutch sailor missing in the Atlantic

March 21, 2014

On January 15th 2014 Dutch sailor Sietse Hagen left the port of Tenerife heading for Barbados and the Caribbean islands. Since his departure, now over 60 days ago, he has not reported home. His friends and family, as well as the Dutch sailing community, are deeply concerned about the well-being of this very experienced sailor. He has been reported missing at the local authorities, but your help by keeping a lookout for his boat would be very much appreciated.

Sietse is sailing a 27ft Gib’Sea Flush Poker named ‘Pokerface’, small but well prepared for long voyages. Distinctive properties are its doghouse and black painted stern (photos below). Before he left I had the pleasure to drink a beer with Sietse on board Pokerface and I can assure you that he was well prepared for the trip.

You can help us by spreading this message as much as possible and to bring this under attention in your own social network. If you have any information that could help finding Sietse please contact me through my contact page (see the tab above) or your local police.

Your help is much appreciated.



Preparations for the construction of the beams.

December 11, 2011

For this winter I have planned to build the four beams in my garage at home. De beam molds are ready and one of the first parts I need are the upper folding strut recess sides. These are made of pre-made 4mm. thick solid laminate. For the eight pieces and some smaller doublers I vacuum infused a 4’x6′ solid laminate plate.

The low viscosity epoxy resin starts to gel after 300 minutes so there is enough time for a simple version of the infusion setup. Below three photos of the infusion, the first after 15 min, than 1 hour and the bottom one after 1.5 hour.

15 min. after start of infusion1 hour after the start of the infusion1.5 hour after the start of the infusion

There are also some new photos in this galery.

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