Starboard interior parts.

Alternative interior layout

I finally decided about the layout of the interior. The biggest change compared to the standard aft cabin layout is the galley on starboard instead of port. Main reason for this is that I still like “the office” on board, which lead to a rather conventional layout, in particular in combination with a quarter berth. Because of the galley on starboard the settee in front of this is now shorter, but still useable as a (sea) bunk with the feet through an opening in the cabin bulkhead. Above that the diesel oven is situated. Galley top can be extended by folding down the backside of the settee back. The dinette is now two meters wide and can be converted into a large spare double bunk. Also the shower is a little wider. Without rebuilding the interior this can accommodate six (with table down eight and with spare bunks in the floats even ten) Cooking is on a ceramic diesel stove and in addition to this a fully gimbaled single cylinder burner, positioned in a dedicated housing and well ventilated outside. Photos of making starboard interior parts including the dieseltank below the settee are here.


2 Responses to Starboard interior parts.

  1. Sigi says:


    I really don’t know from where you find your energy. We have taken “Hi5” out of the water in October, but I haven’t even cleaned the head, not even thought about doing all the little repairs …

    We are planning to be a bit more active in regattas this year and I have ordered a full size genoa – the missing sail.

    I still admire your stamina and follow closely the progress of your boat. Keep on going strong.

    Best regards to your family and may 2010 be a lucky and happy year for you all,

  2. henny says:

    Hi Sigi,

    Yes it’s a little bit busy these days with too much projects on hand with some new priorities, like a lawsuit against the city authorities to legalize the latest rebuilding (I’ve been a little naughty, not having build according to the building permission so they want me to demolish it (which is not going to happen!) For this reason the old house is still not on the market for sale and that gives me some extra time to make it ready for sale (like transforming the former boat workshop into an extension of the living room).

    Talking about energy, how about the shopping for the furnishing of the new house. That is real hard work and fatiguing (and a smoking credit card 😦

    No, better be working on the boat which I will start again as from next weekend. I now have a very ambitious planning for this year, hoping to launch in spring 2011. (only when I can buy ready made beams by Ian Farrier)

    Our new house is like having a permanent vacation and feels so good. A good excuse for not going on holiday this summer (please don’t talk me in HI5 again as keeping enough resistance against that is difficult 😉

    It is still too cold for working on HI5 I guess. Hope you will have succes in this year regatta’s. Will the new genua gives you a higher handicap number?


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