Dutch sailor missing in the Atlantic

On January 15th 2014 Dutch sailor Sietse Hagen left the port of Tenerife heading for Barbados and the Caribbean islands. Since his departure, now over 60 days ago, he has not reported home. His friends and family, as well as the Dutch sailing community, are deeply concerned about the well-being of this very experienced sailor. He has been reported missing at the local authorities, but your help by keeping a lookout for his boat would be very much appreciated.

Sietse is sailing a 27ft Gib’Sea Flush Poker named ‘Pokerface’, small but well prepared for long voyages. Distinctive properties are its doghouse and black painted stern (photos below). Before he left I had the pleasure to drink a beer with Sietse on board Pokerface and I can assure you that he was well prepared for the trip.

You can help us by spreading this message as much as possible and to bring this under attention in your own social network. If you have any information that could help finding Sietse please contact me through my contact page (see the tab above) or your local police.

Your help is much appreciated.




2 Responses to Dutch sailor missing in the Atlantic

  1. cartersboat says:

    Henny, do you have any further details, and/or would someone in Holland be available for a brief interview by the writers of Latitude 38? This is the major sailing magazine / website in San Francisco that serves much of the cruising community. I could call them and ask for coverage. This is such bad news 😦 Greg Carter


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