Fairing and painting the mainhull

I am very happy with the final appearance of the floats. The paint job is great thanks to the thoroughly preparation and lots of effort in the putty and sanding process. However, the fairing of the hulls with the fairing board was a time consuming and very tough job, to be honest a hell of a job.


With the purchase of two wide flexible filling knives at Flexisander, one 2′ wide (600mm) and the other 4′ wide (1200mm), I now choose for a different approach for filling, fairing and sanding process of the main hull. My goal is to minimize the hard work with the long fairing board and maximize the use of my sanding machines.


The trick is to shape the fairing compound with the long filling knife in one continuous stroke, preventing excess fairing material and when done to not touch it anymore. The next part to shape is the width of the putty knife apart.


After (partly) curing it is the turn for the parts in between. When finished this is the first layer of faring compound. The second layer, which uses much less fairing compound, is thereafter applied in such a way that this is overlapping the first areas. The whole job has been done with the 4″ wide knife which gives a very fair result and minimize excess faring compound.


The use of the random orbital sander with grid 40 sanding paper is now mainly in order to make the surface more smooth. This requires some skill to avoid sanding to deep.


The last step is the overall fairing with the long flexible faring board. As the hull is already very fair this is not much work anymore.


My last step of the fairing process is applying one final layer of a fine finishing fairing compound which smooth out the grid 40 sanding strokes as well as the last imperfections.


The last part of this finishing process is sanding down the last fine layer of fairing compound with grid 120 and apply the high build primer before finishing with the two part high gloss paint.


About the color ….. Mint Green ….. It is a bold color and provoked divided reactions. However, somewhere in the nineties I came across a boat (the 40ft. monohull “Epoxydus”) that very much impressed me. It was mint green with a white deck. I loved it. Since that time I have that color in my mind and now I have the opportunity to make that true for my own boat. Only the crew needs some more time to appreciate it …… πŸ˜‰




I am very satisfied with the result πŸ™‚

Please find much more images in this photo gallery.


5 Responses to Fairing and painting the mainhull

  1. Henrik says:

    Congratulations to a really beautiful finnish on the boat, great work!!

  2. Guus Milani says:

    Mooi staaltje vakwerk! En Henny als ik de Epoxydus tegen kom blijf ik altijd ook even staan kijken. Succes verder.
    Groet Guus

  3. Greg Carter says:

    Henny, you have painted a masterpiece! Your followers here know that Fram is superbly constructed, but the general public only notices the final finishes. Like every step before this you have approached the fair/paint better than a pro builder and now everyone will be amazed by the quality of this vessel. Very clever fairing; you have perhaps saved yourself from the six month recovery period my shoulders needed from the “torture board”.
    Very well done, good sir.

  4. Gerben H says:

    Het resultaat glimt je tegemoet, jeetje wat moet strak (getrokken) is je romp.. Vakwerk Hennie!

  5. Gerben H says:

    Het resultaat glimt je tegemoet, jeetje wat mooi strak (getrokken) is je romp.. Vakwerk Hennie!

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