More fairings

More fairings, now on the starboard side.



Vacuum bagged first foam layer.



Building up the thickness with more (screwed down) foam layers. I decided to make a fairing on the front and bottom side of the escape hatch to minimize water pressure on the hatch.


This hatch recess was made for a Lewmar safety hatch, however, this type of hatch is not available anymore and instead I bought a Vetus Magnus hatch which is also suitable to mount in this location. However, size and hinges are slightly different from the Lewmar  and so I had to make some modifications to the recess and hull.


While doing this, I also decided to cut away the aft part of the recess in line with the other fairings. (at the cost of a lot of itch on hands and arms 😦


Structural integrity has been restored by adding some extra laminate.


All hull fairings are now finished.


2 Responses to More fairings

  1. Henrik says:

    Henny, Always a pleasure reading and viewing your updates. Can’t wait for the next one and to see the finished boat, hopefully maybe even in person. If you need crew…you have my email address:)

  2. yt75 says:

    Truly amazing work ! (just watched all your infusion videos)

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