A pleasant interlude.

rainbowA week off, no business worries and fresh air instead of epoxy dust. The crew of Noreen, a beautifully built F36 trimaran, invited me for a trip across the North Sea. track

We left from my backyard in Lelystad, crossed the IJsselmeer and sailed accross the North Sea for a beer with fellow sailors in Isaac’s, which is a pub in Ipswich.  Then after a stopover on the River Deben, we turned the bow northwards. The destination of Noreen are the Orkney’s and Shetland Islands but my journey ends in Granton (Edinburgh) from where I flew home by Easyjet. Further stops were the Farne Islands (anchoring in The Kettle) and Berwick upon Tweed. It has been a really relaxing sailing week.

noreen_berwick noreen_granton




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