High time for an update !

My last post was from December 2015. I am ashamed.

It seems as if nothing has happened, but on the contrary, I have been very busy and have made good progress. But to be honest I have not had a lot of inspiration for updating my blog and website. Perhaps also because of the fact that lately I share my build adventures also on a Dutch sailors forum, which is again time consuming but at the same time much easier writing for me than in the English language. Google translate is still my best friend 😉

There has always been a demand for a Dutch version of my blog and website but I could not find an easy way to do this. So I found this alternative solution by sharing my building adventures on this Dutch sailors forum. My contributions regarding the building of Fram can be found with this link.

A recently sad event is that my dear mother passed away. Next month she would have been 98 years old, a respectable age for a respectable lady. We have organized an impressive funeral for her where she would have been proud of. We have cleared her cozy apartment and distributed her personal belongings and preserved for posterity as good as possible.

Sometimes some things are more important than building a boat.

You would have not expect it by the limited updating of my blog, but 2015 was a record breaking year regarding the hours (850) I’ve spent on building my boat.

Normally at Sunday’s I’m working on the boat. But not today, today is Father’s day. I have had a nice family afternoon and for the rest of the day I finally found some time to provide an update for my website.

The following photo galleries has been reorganized and provided with new photo’s:

Aft cabin and cockpit construction

Finishing the stern

Transmission steering system

Waterballast tank

And I have added a new chapter called “Aft cabin interior”.

Do not forget to refresh these pages in your browser (F5)


One Response to High time for an update !

  1. dan says:

    Very sorry to hear about your mother. Happy Father’s Day, and thanks for the great Fram update!

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