Below deck drainage of hatches

With the hull now upside down it is much easier to make the below deck drainage of the deck hatches.

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At first I had the idea of molded gutters and I did made them. In hindsight this was a bad idea, they do not fit very well and an acceptable finishing will be time consuming.

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A PVC hose does a better job and is laminated against the underside of the deck and connected to a short piece of fibreglass tube through hull and through the molded hatch recess.


For the underdeck drainage of the foredeck hatch I choose for two straight fibreglass tubes.


Also under the bridge deck in the aft cabin one straight fibreglass tube is reponsible for the drainage of water coming from the cockpit seats as well from the aft cabin hatch.

You can find a photo gallery with much more photo’s here.


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