Upside down again.

So, another milestone, the constructive work on the outside have been declared ready. The work on the outside of the mainhull, except for a few small details, is done and the hull is ready to be primed and painted. However there are still a few more constructive things to do inside, especially under the aft cabin bridgedeck where a further strengthening with UD glass is necessary to absorb the compression loads from the rear beams.

In order for it to let gravity no killjoy, I have therefore turned over the hull once more. Also at the inside of the cabin roof are some chores to do, such as the installation of drainage channels for the flush deck hatches. This upside down position comes also in handy for a part of the putty and paint work on the outside  (and maybe inside cabin roof).

I have thought it out very well on how I’m going to manage this on my own (and safe). Lifting and twisting such a big hull is always a little exciting but I don’t want anyone else around, that would only distract. It took me the whole Saturday but it was worth it 🙂

Getting here in late afternoon was tiresome, but then it went fast.

A little trick to get the hull to the other side.

Almost there, piece of cake ….

…. and done


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