Houston, we have a problem …


In this stage of the build the rudder connection fits nicely.


Before closing of the rudder connection compartment I did a final check at mounting possibilities of the tiller ….. and discovered my miscalculation.


Off course I knew that the connecting bolt would not fit through the tiller opening, but I overlooked that the internal height of the rudder connection compartment is also not high enough for the length of the bolt (4″) to mount the tiller to the lever shaft.


After a brief internal consideration my solution is a small recessed pit that gives space to the connection bolt. No drama furthermore.


The cardboard core of a toilet roll proved to be a fine (“quick&dirty” easy to remove) mold for making a small pit with flange for mounting underneath the rudder connection compartment.


And this is how that looks, still in trial fit stage.


View from above with the connection bolt in the pit. I made a plug to close off the pit after mounting the bolt.


The transmission steering system is now finished and the transom is definitely closed. The access to the rudder connection compartment is from inside trough a small hatch.

You can find the latest update of the photo gallery here.


4 Responses to Houston, we have a problem …

  1. cartersboat says:

    Very elegant, Henny. I am curious to see how you will provide swim-ladder access to the spacious aft steps you’ve created. Do you expect crew will be stepping down from the aft deck to that area, and/or will you place some kind of tower back there for electronics? All fun to watch you progress!

    • Fram says:

      Good question, I’m curious too 😉
      Swim-ladder is still on my to-do list, no prio at the moment and somehow I will find a solution. Same for the tower. My energy is now going into the massive work of getting the boat in the water. These details are for later when the boat is floating in my backyard and I have more time for working out these details.

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