Finished rudder blade.

Update with some new photos about the finishing of the rudder blade in the gallery of the rudder construction.


2 Responses to Finished rudder blade.

  1. cartersboat says:

    Congratulations Henny, they are beautiful! It is fascinating to me seeing the documentation of your “inside out” build compared to my less sophisticated core hand-shaping and fabric-wrapped rudders. My wife looked over the shoulder as I scanned your photos, and she asked why we didn’t buy an F39 rudder from you 🙂
    Save those molds – you could sell these rudders for many years to come!
    Also curious – did Bart’s boat sell yet?
    Greg Carter
    F36 005

    • Fram says:

      Hi Greg, thanks for your kind comment. Well, at the moment I still have other priorities than making more rudders but who knows, maybe some day I can make time for that. I will save the molds for sure. As far as I know Bert’s boat hasn’t been sold yet. I’m expecting Bert one of these days to pick up the rudder molds for making the rudder blade for his F39.

      By the way, I love your blog posts as well and I’m following your progress and slolutions very closely. Keep up the good work 🙂

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