Rudder mold.

In a earlier post I showed the CNC machined rudder plugs. This has since been waiting for the making of the rudder mold. Since the construction works have progressed so far that I can finish the stern now the time has come to occupy myself with the rudder assembly.

Here the still virgin stern which is now ready for the application of the rudder construction. But before I can make the rudder sleeve I need the rudderblade, for which I first have to make the rudder mold.

The goal is to make at least three rudder blades, one for me, one for Bert’s F39 and one spare. The first step is a two part high gloss paint on the rudder plug and waxing it to get a releasable surface.

Next step is adding the mold sides and my home made epoxy gel coat, consisting of a mixture of epoxy, aerosill and aluminum powder to give the mold a high density surface. In the picture above the plug is ready to receive the first layer of glass fibre laminate.

In order to give sufficient strength to the mold it is built up in the same way as the boat hull. In this picture the vacuum bagging of the foam layer …..

…. which came out quite well.

…. and being followed by the last layer of laminate ….

A very satisfactory result. More pictures are on the Fram website.


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