Routine chores.

Making composite panels out of 1220×2440 (4’x8′)  foam sheets is an ever returning job. I make all bulkheads and interior panels always in the same way. This is the double layer vacuum infusion system where both laminates on each side of the foam core are infused simultaneously. Working alone it takes me about 3½ hours from start to finish including cutting the materials and preparing the vacuum bag.


In the above image the resin flows from left to right and is halfway the panel. This is relatively simple to do once the principles are understood. However, the devil is in the details and the best way to get it right is to buy my Vacuum Resin Infusion Starters Kit in which the procedure and required materials are fully described.

RI Starters KitBut there are more vacuum based recurring chores, for instance making rounded edges. I use a lot of them, on the outside, like the front edge of the cockpit seats in the image below, or on the edges of interior panels.


By the way, this is not the finished cockpit coaming but the flanges for the cockpit seat back. Anyhow, the rounded edge starts with a partly cut PVC pipe.


The glass fabric for the outer laminate is laid in the pipe.


From left to right, the pre cut foam strips, trapezoidal shape inside smaller than outside width, green bleeder and release film, peel ply, inside glass fabric, the pvc pipe mold,  groomed vacuum bag with one side attached to the mold and at the right two at an earlier moment made half foam tubes.


Foam strips placed with micro bog.


Now ready for the vacuum bag.


Vacuum bag almost closed. This is the tricky part because any resin on the sealant tape will spoil the fun.


Finished and under vacuum, waiting for the cure.


Detail of vacuum tube connection.


3 Responses to Routine chores.

  1. Ben Roos says:

    Hi Henny, ik heb nog een paar bootramen liggen. Is dat wat voor je?
    gr. Ben

  2. What resin system are you using here?
    If you’re interested in vacuum bagging with epoxy, this article is interesting: Looks like a great project.

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