Steering Pedestal (2)

Click in the image for more photos of the build of the steering pedestal.

Click for gallery
The bevel box that connects the vertical torque tube in the steering pedestal and the horizontal torque tube to the reduction gear box is also the base for the autopilot drive. The bevel box needs a sturdy base but still floats somewhere above the engine. There are various solutions thinkable but I choose to lengthening the steering pedestal tube. This is the main reason why I decided to make the steering pedestal myself.

At first I had wild plans to design my own but at the end I just copied the type 150 of Jefa.

However, I have underestimated the amount work and it took a lot of time. Another complication is that the Jefa tube is an aluminium tube with a wall thickness of about 3mm. or so while my composite construction has a wall thickness of about 20mm. While maintaining the same outside dimensions I made it for myself quite complicated. The dimensions of the bevel boxes with their flanges require extra recesses in the foam. But all in all the result is satisfying.


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