Boat baking.

Actually, it is not baking, but post curing. I’ve been waiting for this summer for a sufficient room temperature to undertake this process. The infusion resin used by me must be post-cured at a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius for 8 hours. That’s quite a lot to achieve by simple means.

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Together with my son we have built an “oven” consisting of 100 mm. polystyrene sheets encased in prefabricated particle board H-beams. Making these H-beams was a “quick and dirty” job which resulted in the collapse of the roof. The fixing method with (too small) staples did not appear to be resistant to the high temperature. 60mm. screws did a better job. This was actually the only setback and the rest of the process went very well. Two diesel heaters at both ends of the box together with a workshop room temperature of 25 degrees were sufficient for the desired 80 degrees Celcius oven temperature.

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