Sea water ballast tank.

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The aft part of the F39 must be kept as light as possible. However, when running downwind in big seas and strong winds some more weight in the stern is desirable. Actually I don’t know if I need extra ballast in the stern but in this stage of the build and with just a little extra effort I have the opportunity to make a sea water ballast tank in a further not usable part right in front of the transom. I guess that the maximum content of the tank will be about 500 liter. Click in the above image to see the photo gallery.


5 Responses to Sea water ballast tank.

  1. Monika says:

    Boats do use the water ballast successfully. How will you empty it?
    A consideration is that this gives you an extra place for things to go wrong & extra maintenance work.

  2. Fram says:

    The tank is emptied with the bilge pump. Extra complication? Yes.

  3. Arno says:

    Hoi Henny, waarom geen Sofo Scoop zie in dit blog of een Andersen bailer.

  4. Frank A says:

    How’s it going, Henny? Long time no chat. Excuse my ignorance, but is it common for trimarans to have ballast tanks? Thanks.

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