Deck laminate and vacuum infusion.

Finally it is time to finish the final structural part of the main hull. This is also the last big vacuum infusion. After this the hull is structural sound and finished except for the final post curing. It is a big bag of 12x6m and the infusion strategy is again a simple straight forward setup with just 4 single vacuum ports and a resin feeder line going all around. At this moment the vacuum bag is ready but still not airtight. the leaks are still to big so I cannot hear them and because of my bad hearing I need some help with this (read younger ears 😉 My goal is an infusion next weekend. To be continued.

An impression of the latest progress:

First layers of glassfibre

UD reinforcements

Peelply and release film (blue)

Resin distribution mesh (green)

Finished and prepared for vacuum bag

Finished vacuum bag, waiting to resolve last leaks.

More photos in this gallery.


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