No fun to demolish work …

… but sometimes inevitable. It is really an exception if I have to break down components due to an error. But this weekend I did it again. Saturday I glued in the cockpit floor and today I wanted to mount the upright sides of the cockpit and discovered a height difference between front and back of the cockpit floor of 40mm. How is that possible. Temporary fit of insanity? Anyhow, find the differences …


Wrong cockpit floor


Cockpit floor redone

Just a few more hours of work 😦

Anyhow, I’ve uploaded some more pictures in the aft cabin and cockpit construction gallery.

Also the foundation for the engine is now finished and awaiting the engine. And I’ve been experimenting with making a drainage gutter for water draining below deck from the Lewmar Flush hatches.


3 Responses to No fun to demolish work …

  1. Dorian Meid says:

    Are you really really sure you really really need those flush hatches? I usually tend to overcomplicate things a little bit, but in my opinion this draining topic cries for KISS. What about raising the hatches over the deck level and then you make a nice, large, nearly invisible rim, but you wouldn’t have to drain thru a very long tube on the inside.

  2. Fram says:

    Too late Dorian and I cannot see the problem besides of a lot of (extra) work.

  3. I’m with Henny on this one – (though I’m a L-O-N-G, L-O-N-G way from that point), flush hatches and windows really set the the bar for a home built boat!

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