Aft cabin and cockpit construction.

With respect to the vacuum infusion of the deck there is a natural separation between the deck and roof of cabin and aft cabin, as a result of the aft beam construction. So it is not necessary to infuse the whole deck at once and therefore I have decided to first infuse the aft cabin roof so I can finish the construction of the aft cabin and cockpit.

To get some more room in the cockpit I made the seats 175cm long (my body length) instead of the 168cm in the plans. (for nice romantic sleeping under the stars, etc, etc.) After the mounting of the aft cabin hatch it turned out that I’ve been a little too enthusiastic with the lengthening of the cockpit seats. To make the hatch fit I had to make a cut out in the bridge and that just didn’t look very well. The other option, positioning the hatch more aft, is not desirable because of the position of the main sheet track. Repositioning the latter results in less pushing force in the boom to help mast rotation so the mainsheet track dominates the position of the rear of the hatch. To resolve this I’ve added two extra foam panels to the front panels of the aft cabin which resulted in a correction of 32mm, which is just perfect.

Oh well, it seems you shrink as you get older.

Click for picture gallery


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