Site statistics 2012

This Blog had about 18249 visitors in 2012 and that is almost 6% less than 2011. However, Fram’s Website continues to be popular and even with an increase of 20% compared to last year. This is satisfactory.


But what about the physical efforts?

2012 – 2003 = 9. This way, and secretly, I always fooled myself one year by making the calculation this way. Of course this is not true and I now have to confess that since last month ten years (10!) have been passed since I started working on this project. Wow, this is not what I had expected which, at the same, time is also not a surprise. After all, without a positive attitude such a huge DIY project is lost in advance. So I’m happy to say that my motivation is still there, but with the inevitable ups and downs.

This has been translated to the average number of hours per week that I’ve spent on the project.


Initially I thought that I was able to spent about 20 hours per week but considering my work and social live for me this has been proved infeasible.

On the basis of the experience data of Ian Farrier, I have my goal set on 7500 to 8000 construction hours and despite the disappointing progress, it seems that I’m still reasonable on this schedule.

estimated construction hours

Incidentally, this justifies a compliment to the address of Ian Farrier. He is one of the few, if not the only designer who gives realistic construction hours for the build of his ​​designs.

More figures are on my website.


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    More important now: How many hours do you need to spend to finish the boat?

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