CNC milled rudder plug.

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During the construction of my boat, I have gotten a lot of relationships with other boat builders, both domestically and abroad. The exchange of experiences has proved extremely valuable and is also one of the many fun incidentals of such a DIY project. Here in the Netherlands are two fellow boat builders who are both involved with CNC technology. Bert (F39) as a professional and Nico (F82SR) as a hobbyist. The fabricated parts and the mold for the daggerboard are being made by Bert​​. And just recently Nico offered to make the two rudder plug halves for my F39. Nico is an airline pilot and spent his lonely days somewhere far away in a hotel room on the programming of hundreds of lines in the CNC software for my F39 rudder. Great job Nico and thanks again.

So, as an intermediate little project, I am now working on the two by Nico’s CNC router milled rudder plugs in order to make a solid reusable rudder mold of it.


3 Responses to CNC milled rudder plug.

  1. Jak Mang says:

    Interested in Nico’s CNC setup. I saw no email contact on his site. Do you know if it is a kit or where he got it? Perhaps you can mail me back. Thanks, -jak

  2. […] a earlier post I showed the CNC machined rudder plugs. This has since been waiting for the making of the rudder […]

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