A seemingly endless series of chores

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The recent months were marked by a particularly stiff continuing of not the most pleasant chores. One of them the hand-lay-up laminating the molded recesses for the deck hatches and the window rebates and then applying a vacuum bag, which is not my favourite job. This work against the resin clock requires a perfect preparation, work fast, focus on infinity, lots of disposable gloves, some sweat and a slow hardener. But it is almost done now. Only the escape hatch in the foredeck still to do, but somehow I cannot get the right specs and the delivery of the ordered hatch has been delayed.

All these small chores have to been done but are a bit tiresome. However the end is in sight and I look forward to a more visible progress.


2 Responses to A seemingly endless series of chores

  1. Volhouden Hennie. Als straks het eindresultaat is bereikt, dan heb je een fantastische boot. Veel succes verder. mvg Ben

  2. itznu says:

    ja, fantastische! thanks for posting this stuff. I know it’s none of my biz, but where a mask, k?

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