Vacuum bagged laminate around the molded hatch recesses

Click for photo galery

I choose for a separate laminate around the molded hatch recesses and daggerboardcase opening instead of adding these layers in the vacuum infusion proces. Reason for this is that it is difficult to get the rather thick laminate in the tight corners of the molded recesses. So (for me) it is better to do this in two steps, first the extra layers with wet hand-lay-up finished with the help of the vacuum bag and second (later on) the resin infusion of the whole deck laminate. This is extra work (and time) but I want to be sure to make it structurally sound as the hatch openings are quite large holes in the deck. For these vacuum bagged layers I removed about 1mm of the foam (the bogged area in the photo) with a router to prevent to much local laminate thickness wich would require more fairing work as an unwanted result.


2 Responses to Vacuum bagged laminate around the molded hatch recesses

  1. vic says:

    Dear Henny,

    I’ve been silently following your progress for a good number of years now and it has come to the point where I cannot hold my silence any longer. Although I recognise your hygienic thinking and strict methodic approach as clear indicators of vast previous experience in a technical trade, your remarkable determination and level of control over the construction must be applauded in a loud and clear way. I am truly impressed by your stamina and your ability to maintain focus on both the minute everyday details and the distant horizon at the same time.

    One thing that puzzles me a bit concerning the recessed deck hatches is how you plan to prevent puddles of standing water. I can’t see any equivalent in your deck construction of the drainage channels shown on the Lewmar sketch?

    All the best, keep up the good work!

    Warm regards, vic

    • Fram says:

      Hi Vic, good question. These recessed deck hatches needs some kind of draining. Often this is done by channels in the deck as you can see in the Lewmar sketch. However I plan an alternative route below the deck which is easier to make (for me) and looks much better.

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