Cabin windows and deck hatches.

Sorry there were no updates for a while. It is just a lack of time on my side. But also I have to confess that my focus on the project was a little low lately. Progress is still going on, but too slow and I’m afraid I cannot do anything about it due to other obligations, business as well as private.

Anyhow, I’ve started the work around the cabin windows. The design calls for screwed down windows, but I don’t like that solution. Instead I want to glue them in a rabbet. The outside of the window is then about flush with the outside of the hull. Determining the size of the intended windows, also a little different from plans, was a challenge to get it right. Finally I found out that I get the best appearance when the length halfway the height of the window is about the same for all three windows.

Click for photo galery

The intended glazing material is still under consideration. The choices are polycarbonate, acrylic or tempered glass. The windows are curved in two directions and I prefer to make them pre-curved instead of pressing them in the right curve. So, first thing is to make a mold with the right curve in it. I did this by infusing a sandwich panel against the outside of the cabin wall. So far the easiest part. Next is depending on which glazing material will be used …. to be continued.

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For the deck hatches I choose for the more difficult option of flush hatches, which I found in Lewmar as the most economical ones. I like fresh air and lightness and ordered one size 60 in the fore deck, two size 10 in the head and opposite passage way, two size 30 in the cabin roof and one size 54 in the aft cabin. Flush with the deck means also a water drain below the deck and that will be the next challenge to resolve.

Oh yeah, our vacation was great. To get an idea about canal boating click in the picture below.

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