Main hull upright, a milestone again.

Long time no update. Don’t worry, I’m just very busy. I have the flu at the moment and, while very awkward (but getting a little better right now 🙂  this gives me the opportunity to update some things here and in my website

Click for photo galery

Turning the main hull upright is once again a milestone in the project after which a new phase in the build starts. Farewell strong back, the base construction on which all the hulls has been build, is now demounted in little pieces and removed to the dumpster. With my four electrical winches under the roof of the workshop, the actual turning went flawlessly. Of course I did it alone and, to continue to fully concentrate, without prying eyes of others. With some extra ropes and the back-up of the workshop crane I took enough safety precautions to avoid any risks.

For the support of the hull in the next phase of the build I’ve build two mobile boat stands. For the subsequent assembly of the mainhull and the two floats the boat have to be more or less moveable without too much of a hassle. I used the hull as the mold for the two boat stands. Click here or in the moving photo above for the photo galery.

There are some new photos in the upside down interior work galery.

and I’ve started with a new chapter about building the beams.


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