Unzipped and reason for satisfaction

Again an excellent result with perfect quality.

Click to enlarge in photo galery


9 Responses to Unzipped and reason for satisfaction

  1. Tor says:

    Hi Henny! Wonderful as always! Is that a layer of aramid under the waterline?

  2. Fram says:

    Yes it is. I don’t have the special aramide scissors and without it cutting the aramide is a drama. So the original roll width is unaffected and thus a little high in the bow.

    • Tor says:

      Just like they did on the 31 that circumnavigated the north pole. Similar plans? Looking forward to see you in our waters;-)

      • Fram says:

        As we like to sail in Norway, my wife and I promissed each other that when Fram is ready to sail one of the first longer trips will go to the Lofoten.

        (and secretly there is some more aramide right in the foot of the bow, Spitsbergen is also on my wishlist 🙂

  3. Walter Luikey Sr says:

    Good Job, Henny.


  4. Well done. Laminate quality looks very good.

    Next steps? Some up-side-down interior work, and finishing the outside? Will you postcure the hull? (inside is easy, outside is a bit more complicated)

    • Fram says:

      Yes indeed, some up-side-down work in the interior, next is turning the hull, sorting out the deck lay-out for positioning the HD foam inserts in favour of the deck hardware, mounting the engine, making cockpit and aft cabin and then the vacuum infusion of the deck. When this is finished then it is time for the postcure, for which I’m saving insulation panels to build a insulation box around the boat. Fairing and painting is after the postcure.

  5. Jan Wielsma says:

    Hi Henny,

    It was a great to be there and see you and the infusion real life.
    Truly a great experience. I am now thinking to switch from wood to foam for my little boat building project…
    I will drop full HD Hero movies one of these days.


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