Mounting the bow pole tube.

With the integrated forestay chainplate the bow pole tube is an awkward part to fit in the bow. In hindsight it would have been better to do this during the joining of both hull halves but I decided to do this afterwards as I had some various options in mind regarding an extra chainplate for a cutter stay and/or making a provision for a gooseneck for a jib boom. The jib boom didn’t made it but the base for the cutterstay chainplate has been made.

There were two possibilities to get the bow pole tube in place, by sliding it into a slot or by tilting it through a large hole. Disadvantage of the slot is the possibility that the bow deformes and needs a reconstruction afterwards and the advantage of a large hole is a better acces for the laminating work inside the bow area.

So I choose the large hole, although in two steps to keep the possibility to go back to the “slot method”.  And so I went from one hole to two holes and, after gathering enough courage, to one large hole. I placed the bow pole at the right angle and distance and discoverd that the size of the forestay chainplate could have been a little shorter, about 20mm., despite the fact everything has been made according to plans. The effect is that the chainplate protrudes a little too high above the deck. Not a good sight and not good for the size of the jib. So I decided to lower the whole bow pole tube assembly with 20mm.

Bow pole tube

The plans shows two threaded stainless steel studs and together with two wingnuts and a stainless steel strip this holds the protruded bow pole in place. I don’t have experience with a retractable bow pole but I can imagine that pushing the bow pole to its protruded position gives some troubles in the last inches. Two wingnuts turn more heavily than four wingnuts so I decided to mount four studs and I replaced the stainless steel strip by a circular piece of carbon (an offcut of the sterntube skeg)


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