Resin Infusion Workshop impressions

Learning resin infusion basics

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Practice of resin infusion

Practice of resin infusion

I forgot to take more photos during the making of two 4’x8′ sandwich panels by my course participants. These photos were made right after the start of the infusion.  Both panels have a different infusion strategy, resulting in a 4 times faster infusion for the one panel compared to the other panel.

The overalll conclusion of this intersting day was that while the infusion technique is not very difficult to understand one has to do it in practice to see, feel and experience the ease of making a sandwich panel in this way. Key factor for succes is the use of the right materials and knowing the practical applications for them. The goal of this workshop was learning by doing and together with some more tips and tricks be capable to copy this in your own practice.

Thanks guys, I’ve had a nice day !


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