Flow simulation software.

Click for infusion animation float insideCllck for infusion animation float outsideClick for infusion simulation mainhull inside

So far I made three computer flow simulations, the inside of the floats, the outside of the floats and the inside of the main hull. Actually, the developer of the RTM-Worx flow simulation software, Arjen Korevaar of Polyworx, made them and I only did the dumb data input. Anyhow, last time was somewhere in 2007 and now I have to learn the simulation software all over again as I have forgotten all about it. However, if all goes well I must be able to convert the existing 3D model of the port main hull half into a lower (bottom) hull half and an upper (deck) hull half. Next is the input of the various fabrics attributes and then the model is ready for Arjen to determine the runner placing and sizes.

I still have two simulations to do, both outside main hull. First the bottom part and second the deck part after which the virtual boatbuilding regarding the boat hulls is finished.

In the mean time I am fairing the foam hull, filling the outside of the joins with bog and laminating extra reinforcements around the beam bulkhead flanges.


3 Responses to Flow simulation software.

  1. ashlingcat says:

    Hello again…
    Have you done any double sided infusion without preferated corecell?
    Thanks for all your help

  2. ashlingcat says:

    Thanks again for all the help.

    Does the perfs increase the weight and epoxy usage by much of a precentage?


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