Freed from the mold frames.

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Again a milestone.  Last weekend I spent on the preparations with among other things unscrewing 7500! screws. The big event, hoisting the hull and turning it upside down, was done in this weekend. I like to do this on my own, without onlookers, no hurry, good thinking and easy going. The hull is now ready for further work on the outside.

More recent updates in   Mainhull page and some new photo’s in this gallery.


2 Responses to Freed from the mold frames.

  1. Geoffrey Strange says:


    great mile stone! how are you planning to laminate the out side>


  2. Fram says:

    Hi Geoffrey, my Guru said infusion in one shot. I did that with the floats because of the advantages. I don’t see these for the main hull, or in other words, one step too far for me. So I will do the infusion in two shots, first the “bottom part”, so in this position from gunwale over the keel to the other gunwale. Then turning the hull and do the same over deck. At least that’s the planning for now …

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