Social Media, Fram on Twitter

Social media is here to stay and is becoming an increasingly important part of daily life. I like the internet very much and in fact the Fram project has been totally developed with Internet sources.

Social Media

With my first steps on the Internet everything was still very small and orderly and with a little knowledge of HTML and my 28K modem I was able to put up the website

Now there are  Blogs, MSN, FlickR, Facebook, Hyves, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter and  much more. (I’m feeling old writing this ..)

While being in safe harbour at I thought these new media was nothing for me.

However, last year I started this Blog at WordPress, to make the updating of clearer. And I made an exception for YouTube, that in no-time became a popular account.

I have a sleeping FlickR account and an almost unused Facebook account, once made because I had to make an account to see some pictures about someone else his boating adventures. However, through this media I got contact with family I didn’t know of ….

To satisfy my curiosity about someones experiences I opened a Linkedin account and in just a few weeks I see this account grow with 90 “friends”  …

I still managed to stay away of Hyves and Twitter …  Untill today ….

No idea what it will bring,
but from today you can follow Sy_Fram on Twitter

Twitter SV_Fram


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