F-40 instead of F-39 trimaran ?

I made the second (Port) main hull half a little longer in the stern. This was not possible in my previous workshop due to the lack of space. After joining the two halves I decided to make an extension on the Starboard half to make both hull halves the same length. I don’t know yet if I will leave the hull one feet longer, but doing this now in this stage is quite easy and I can always decide afterwards to cut it off.

Click for photo gallery

The installation of the prop shaft is now ready and some new photo’s are here.


3 Responses to F-40 instead of F-39 trimaran ?

  1. Dorian says:

    Hi Henny,
    I don’t know ’bout the regulations in the Netherlands, but here in Germany 12m LOA ist the magical border bevore it gets expensive. OK, you have a berth now but also insurance will raise and required equipment to be held on board. My task is to stay precisely within 3x12m

  2. Fram says:

    Hi Dorian,
    In its original shape I think the F39 is longer than 12m, however, didn’t measured that yet. For me the only thing I can imagine as a drawback is whith serious racing and getting the boat within a 40’class or so. If that happens in future and when it becomes important for me I can always take the saw to shorten the boat somewhat. There are no special regulations in The Netherlands for a boat > 12m that I know of when my boat is oceancapable equipped (yes, that for sure is expensive). OK, > 15m and faster than 20km/h (under power) one need a license (which I have). Insurence is depending of the value of the boat, not its length. My boat will be registered as a Dutch property. In harbour my boat is always 1 meter shorter till someone proves the opposite 😉

    What is different in Germany, just curious ?

    • Dorian says:

      You first need to have more lights and signals, you need all the lights and signals for disabilities. You cnnot combine motor and astern light to one all around. You need an approved horn and bell for acoustic signalling. You need a radio with GMDSS (where you need a special license for). You need a holdings tank and are required to have a information table about waste disposal on board. All windows, hatches, doors, seacocks etc. are to be approved type. You need more and better fire extinguishers and so on. When you are a homebuilder you can get some exceptions even for longer boats but it’s getting really bad if you are outside the EU for more then two years and then reenter the EU. Then you are importing to Europe and have to do all the CE stuff, which is really a treat for boats of 12m and more.
      Between 7m and 12m it is quite “easy” and below 7m almost nothing has to be considered. The next steps up are 15m and then 24m, 50m, 100m. A license is needed in Germany if you have more than 5HP power at the shaft, disregarding size or speed of the boat.

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