A big mistake.

Just yesterday I reread Ian’s plans about the lower folding strut hull anchor assembly and noticed this warning again.

Click for photo galery

While reading I thought one must be a fool not to keep full attention and skill to these critical structural elements …..

Guess what. Pride comes before a fall. Today after I freed the two carbon anchor assemblies from their vacuum bag and was preparing to mount the assembly in the hull, I discovered that the base plate was shorter than the anchor….. F**###(censored) In a fit of madness I had the base plate mounted in the wrong direction. Itself is not so bad were it not that all the UD fibers are now running in the wrong direction. Too bad of all the beautiful laminate work….

Well, after a fresh nose and a cigar I went on with cutting off the base plate and grinding off the excess laminate on the underside of the anchors.  This weekend I will do the new laminates and hope to start next week with the mounting of these parts in the hull (which was my intention to do this weekend)

Occasionally I can be a complete idiot ….


2 Responses to A big mistake.

  1. Tom says:

    I empathise. It is said that the skill of a tradesman is determined by how well he repairs his mistakes.

    BTW, the hull infusion was such excellent work.

    All the best, Tom

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