Succesfull infusion of main hull half

On one of the hottest days of the year the vacuum infusion of the second main hull half went flawlessly. I few hours before I was desperate not being able to find a big leakage in the vacuum bag. At first I thought having found the culprit, a forgotten connection of a vacuum line. But after I repaired that nothing changed.  To be able to hear better, I put the vacuum pump outside the building, however I knew that the leak was probably too big to be able to hear. I spent the whole Friday evening and Saturday morning on finding the leak. All kinds of scenarios went through my mind, including the worst, a poreus or a punctured hull. Just before I thought I was getting crazy, I noticed the cleaning lady who was still in the building on this Saturday morning. Knowing that women are much more patient, I asked here to help me finding the leak.  After 5 min (!?) she found a small leak in the bag. Unfortunately nothing changed when I closed it with a piece of tacky tape. Some minutes later she found the real wrongdoer, a big square in the bag, hidden in a pleat. She made my day! Thanks Angela! Now, I got some vacuum and the rest of the leakages were easy to hear and I even finished with a perfect bag.

Happy builder after a perfect infusion

The drop test (vacuum pump off) resulted in a not worth mentioning loss of vacuum. Room temperature was 32º Celcius and so was the resin. Just perfect for a fast infusion. Click on the above picture for the photo galery.

In the next post I will publish the video.


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