Back to boatbuilding.

Fitting out the new workshop turned out to be much more time consuming than anticipated. But now everything is in accordance with my wishes and this weekend I had the feeling to continue the boatbuilding again instead of all kind of other things, like organizing and cleaning up too much company materials, dragging along too heavy girders, hoisting and mounting too heavy winches, organizing and connecting too much electrical wires, building and pulling down again an incomplete scaffolding, which despite some missing components was strong enough to hold up the main hull half for a while, which by the way wasn’t necessary if I had done the electrical winches first, etc. Below a galery of the vertical foam stripping in this second main hull half.

Vertical foam stripping

Fortunatly winter is coming to an end. Before the ice has gone, this morning I made this picture of the view from our bedroom window.

Parkhaven in ice


5 Responses to Back to boatbuilding.

  1. Geoffrey Strange says:


    Great to see your back to work. Nice tips as usual. Farrier should be sponsering you!

    • Fram says:

      Hi Geoffrey, yes it looks like everything is settled again to make some good progress. And that’s my intention too, however, it would be nice to have some more time ….

  2. Andrew says:

    Henny —

    Fun to follow progress on new website — and your new locations look great. The new method for planking seems to have many advantages.

    I was curious if there was a way to search your site / archives?


  3. Eric says:


    Maybe you can use this:


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