DIY Resin Infusion Starter Kit.

Apologies to all who were waiting for so long for an update. What happened? Well, nothing actually. Have been busy with other things, so progress is not what I wanted it to be. The actual stage is that this first float is ready for final painting. What happened more:

This site is very popular and I’ve got so many questions about vacuum infusion, that I decided to make a do-it-yourself package for the builder who wants to do resin infusion also. With this package one can start with a test panel and going on with other parts, without the beginner failures, just the right injection method from the beginning! Click on the link or the CD-picture below to learn more. 

DIY Resin Infusion CD

Do-it-yourself Resin Infusion Starter Kit now available
!!Try it, you won’t regret it.

After the summer break (with a nice sail with friends in the English Channel and North Sea), because of a design change I learned how to repair big holes in the composite structure. I received an e-mail from Ian Farrier, announcing that the preliminarily drawings are now replaced by the final design plans, with some minor changes …… One of them effected my job so far dramatic: the new designed beams are much wider and won’t fit anymore between my raised deck area.

Adapt to wider beams

So I had to take the saw for cutting some big holes, really not a nice job. The final fairing was just finished, but on the positive side, due to my sailing holiday I didn’t cut in yet the lashing holes in the molded tube for the wing netting.

Instead of making finally some progress, this winter holiday we went on sailing with a very nice maintained F-27 at the West coast of Florida, owned by Doran Cushing, a real dependable address and to recommend for us North European cold water sailors (and others of course).

Sailing in Florida with a F-27

And for the insight website enthusiasts:
 – the index page is modified to the width of the rest of the site
 – download time has been improved by replacing the java applets menu buttons by smaller .gif buttons
 – the workshop webcam added. When my computer is on, the webcam will refresh every 30 seconds with an actual photo of my workshop.


– next to come is compressing the float building pages to one page by the use of more web albums. This also will allow me to publish more photo’s without influence on download times.


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