The setup of the second float half.

After a holiday break (and a not workable heat wave) now the planking of the second float hull half.

With all these lessons learned it’s becoming high time to start with the second hull half. Because of the limited room in my workshop, I have to make the second hull half of the same float now. This creates an extra setup of the form frames with the fore and aft battens. But I can do this quicker than moving the hull half for storing in another place. The new setup took less than 8 hours.

The hull halves are not symmetric, due to the raised deck area. The form of this half is not “self-releasing”, in other words, the raised deck area “hangs over”. This required an other setup of the battens in that area, which will allow to remove these battens while the hull is still in the form frames. By the way, Ian Farrier recommends to leave this area unlaminated and to bent into shape after removing the hull from the form frames. This is probably easier with hand-lay-up lamination, but not suitable with my resin infusion technique.


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