Thermoforming and vertical foam stripping on first float half.

Making of the first float half. 

This is my first time building a boat with CoreCell foam and the answer to the question “How to bend the foam?” turned out to be pure and simple.  But before that was recognized, I tried to make it much more complicated than necessary. So, the first attempt was with a “hot box”, main reason because other builders are doing this also (?!).

Fortunately too much of a pain for me and the hot box creation I made turned out to be unsuitable and disappeared in the rubbish dump. But why always doing the things the hard way first? It was easy to bend the foam in place by just heating the foam with a heat gun while pushing it into the form.

For the vacuum infusion I need a airtight foam hull, so screwing down from inside through the foam is not recommendable. The strips are mounted “dry” and the joints between the strips are milled with a Dremel tool and filled with microballoons afterwards. This gives me the best assurance that the joints are sufficient impenetrable. The foam strips are  400 mm. wide in the middle of the hull to 300 to both ends.With these economical sizes I can get 3 or 4 strips out of one plain sheet (1220×2440 mm.)


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