My workshop at home.

Today I made some pictures of my workshop and the F-36 float frames. I purchased the F-36 plans first and was lucky to get the used form frames from Gary Mulder’s F-36. With some modifications they are useable for the F-39 floats too, but I preferred to make new ones. First step is the setup of  the temporary frames for the outer side of the port float.

I hope to learn the tricks in this one as this side is a little easier to make than the inner side.


4 Responses to My workshop at home.

  1. ashlingcat says:

    What material are the frames and frame stringers made of?

  2. Fram says:

    Yes, just a little bit, but no big deal. In the bow area there is a lot of torque in the pine battens and for better screw holding I’ve used some pine doublers on the MDF in that area.

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